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Are these statements true or false? Correct the false ones. 1. Jane is sixteen. 2. Peter is Polish. 3. Peter is a designer. 4. All the friends are smart computer users. 5. Alexander, Jane, Nora and Peter are pen friends. My name is Alexander, Alex for short. I am a college student. I am sixteen. I’m a sociable person. I have three foreign friends — Nora, Peter and Jane. We are of the same age. We are fond of modern music, books, sports and travelling. Nora is Swedish. She is a college student too. She is a tall blonde. She is very beautiful. Peter is from Warsaw. He is a future designer. Jane is from Great Britain. She is a sociology student from London. None of us is married. We are too young for that! We are really good friends, not just acquaintances. We exchange emails, speak very oft en on the phone and Skype and even visit each other.