Forgotten Hill: Surgery — walkthrough full

Can you escape the horrors of the Surgery Clinic?
You wake up in a cold and creepy room, with just some vague memories of the horrors you faced, but you know you have to escape from the Surgery Clicnic of Colonel McMillan…
Full walkthrough Forgotten Hill: Surgery you can see here. Face a new adventure in the third chapter of Forgotten Hill series, meet new weird characters, solve puzzles and riddles to find a way to escape and gather new informations on the story of Forgotten Hill. Will you survive?

Download Forgotten Hill: Surgery now, you will find:

— creepy atmosphere with unique graphic style
— challenging and original puzzles
— strange mysterious characters
— new pieces to understand the puzzling story of Forgotten Hill
— sequel of the popular Forgotten Hill: Puppeteer
— Completely Free, no hidden fees, no in app purchase, no registration, simply install, play and escape!

Part 1

[spoiler show=»Part 2″][/spoiler]

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